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Scoof – The dedicated dual action cafetiere accessory

Scoof is the brand name for a new type of kitchen utensil especially designed for use with cafetieres (also called French Presses and Coffee Plungers). Its unique double blade design means it is the perfect accessory to improve the taste of cafetiere coffee and make cleaning the cafetiere easy.

Cafetieres are a simple and affordable way of making delicious fresh coffee using real ground coffee. You simply measure out the desired amount of coffee into a cafetiere jar and add hot water.

Showing the ease of stirring cafetiere coffee with Scoof in three pictures
The ease of stirring cafetiere coffee with Scoof

This is where Scoof comes in. Stirring coffee at this point allows the coffee to release all its flavour. Scoof does this effortlessly, as it has a similar action to a propeller and mixes the coffee grounds and hot water together thoroughly. Once the coffee has been stirred all you need to do is wait a minute or two (up to 4 minutes ideally) and then depress the plunger to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee. Pour the freshly made coffee into cups and enjoy – easy!

Cleaning cafetieres is less easy, in fact the last kitchen item to be cleaned is often the cafetiere, as it’s a chore to scrape out the wet grinds. Mess gets everywhere, the grounds stick to the base of the cafetiere jar and it doesn’t tip out. The temptation is to wash it all down the sink, but there is always the risk of blockages.

Scoof is also especially designed to clean cafetieres easily. It is a scoop shaped to fit the cafetiere jar and works with a turning motion. As you turn Scoof in the cafetiere it collects the grounds efficiently and these can be lifted out and tapped in the food waste bin. In 3 twists 95% of the wet grounds are gone and the remaining residue can be rinsed out.

Scoof makes cafetiere coffee better. Its dual action design improves the process of making cafetiere coffee and takes the mess out of cleaning cafetieres.

Scoof – The Scoop With A Twist

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